About us

LLC Cashmere Capital

LLC Cashmere Capital LLC is an exclusive trading house of the Almaz Fertilizers LLC plant formed on the basis of OJSC Hydrometallurgical Plant (GMZ) in the city of Lermontov.

GMZ Lermontov is located in the Stavropol region and has been specializing in the production of high-tech 100% water-soluble fertilizers and industrial chemicals for over 50 years, being one of the largest producers of this type of products in the Russian Federation. The range of products includes crystalline 100% water-soluble monoammonium phosphate (MAP), diammonium phosphate (DAP), monopotassium phosphate (MKP), potassium sulphate (SOP) (for the last three products, GMZ is the only producer in the CIS), as well as granular fertilizers – ammonium phosphate and ammonium phosphate sulphate. Over 80% of the finished products are exported globally. Shipments are done by all means of transport (sea, road and rail).

Our products meet the highest quality requirements and often surpass the analogues of leading world manufacturers. As raw materials, we use apatite of the Kola peninsula, considered one of the cleanest since the content of heavy metals and other impurities is close to zero in it. All raw materials and commercial products undergo rigorous quality control 24/7 in the plant laboratory.

We offer Russian consumers products of international quality, at affordable prices, providing savings on import duties and minor logistic costs from the plant. We offer all our customers the possibility of packing into bags with private label.

At the end of 2017, the plant production was put on hold due to the difficult financial situation. After the acquisition by the new investor in November 2018, the plant resumed production of the full line of phosphate mineral fertilizers full capacity. An active modernization of production facilities is being carried out, production capacities are increased, and the product line is expanding thanks to the efforts of the in-house R&D Center.

We are big enough to be your reliable supplier. And we are small enough to care about each and every client and order.


9 warehouses

Developed distribution network

The headquarters

Are in Moscow

60 countries

Deliveries of high-quality products to 60 countries

We provide complex services

– delivery
– customs and exports documentation
– support in fertilizers

– packing into bags with private label upon request

– pre-sale and post-sales technical support and agricultural consultancy