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The only manufacturer in Russia of 100% watersoluble monopotassium phosphate, diammonium phosphate and potassium sulphate

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Products: MAP, DAP, MKP, potassium sulphate, ammonium phosphates and ammonium phosphate sulphate

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Моноаммонийфосфат очищенный
Nitrogen (N), %12
Phosphorus (P), %61
Turbidity, NTU< 25
Insolubles, %0.05
Humidity, %, max0.1
Solubility, g/100 g water37.3
Friability, %100

Formula NH4H2PO4

Nitrogen (N), %21
Phosphorus (P), %53
Turbidity, NTU10
pH7.6 – 8.6
Insolubles, %0.02
Humidity, %, max0.3
Solubility, g/100 g water68.5
Friability, %100

Formula (NH4)2HPO4

Phosphorus (P), %52
Potassium (К), %34
Turbidity, NTU25
Insolubles, %0.02
Humidity, %, max0.3
Solubility, g/100 g water22
Friability, %100

Formula КН2РO4

Сульфат калия
Potassium (К), %52
Sulphur (S), %18
Turbidez, NTU25
Insolubles, %0.1
Humidity, %, max0.3
Solubility, g/100 g water11
Friability, %100
Formula K2SO4
Аммофос 10:36
Nitrogen (N), % 12/10/10
Phosphorus (P), % 39/33/36
Humidity, %, max 0.5-1.5
Statical granules strength, min 3
Friability, % 100
Nitrogen (N), % 16
Phosphorus (P), % 21
Sulphur (S), % 12
Humidity, %, max 0.7
Statical granules strength, min 3
Friability, % 100
Смесь солей
Nitrogen (N), % 19
Phosphorus (P), % 55
Turbidity, NTU, max 25
pH 7.6-8.4
Insolubles, % 0.04
Humidity, %, max 0.5
Solubility, g/100 g water 51
Friability, % 100

LLC Cashmere Capital

We are the exclusive trading house for the manufacturer Almaz Fertilizers, formed on the basis of the Hydrometallurgical plant in Lermontov (GMZ).

Almaz Fertilizers is a recognized leader in the high quality water-soluble fertilizers and the only manufacturer in Russia of monopotassium phosphate (MKP), chlorine-free potassium sulphate (SOP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP).

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News of the North Caucasus

INTERFAX – Almaz Fertilizers LLC (former OJSC Hydrometallurgical Plant, GMZ, Lermontov, Stavropol Territory), which is part of the Almaz Group enterprises, is thinking about increasing capacities due to growing demand for mineral fertilizers amid the situation with coronavirus.

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Almaz Fertilizers products in Mexico

The products of the Russian manufacturer were presented on November 12–15 at Expo Agro Irapuato, the largest exhibition in Latin America. Every year, this event in the Mexican city of Irapuato attracts up to 126 thousand visitors and 1300 exhibitors.

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